Flint FAQ

IDX Flint brings together a dynamic set of resources, workshops and professional development opportunities (valued up to $25,000AUD) to spark the interest, talents and ideas of young people in digital technology. Over a six month period five organisations in regional Australia will work collaboratively with the IDX team to engage and build the skills of their local community in digital making.

Why did you choose the name Flint?

The IDX team chose the name Flint, because flint is a tool that ignites a spark to create fire. In the same way, fire is a technology that has helped many people discover new things as well as being a place, such as the campfire, where people share stories and gather to celebrate culture. IDX hopes that the Flint program will inspire communities to explore technology, develop new skills and share stories through digital making. 

What is digital making workshops?

There are many different ways that we can learn about how to use technology, but IDX focuses on how we can get Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians excited about making technology. IDX designs hands on workshops - that we call learning experiences - to create environments for inspiration through invention. We're responding to the growing makers movement and the increasing need for digital skills to fully participate in the workforce.

What kind of training and skills development be run?

There are three main things that will happen to help build the digital making skills and confidence of local facilitators and community members. The IDX team and IDX's associated digital technology partners will (1) provide online training and resources in the lead up to the in-community activities, (2) run training and skills development workshops in community with 2 x IDX facilitators, and (3) provide 1 x key local facilitator chosen by the community return flights and accommodation to come to Sydney for an intensive training session (3 days).

How many days will IDX be in community to deliver activities?

2 x IDX facilitators will travel to the regional communities and co-deliver digital making workshops for young people and training sessions with local community members over a 5 day period.  

Do all the participants have to be Indigenous?

As an Indigenous organisation our focus is to provide opportunities for as many Indigenous people as possible. It's important for the organisations that are applying have a demonstrated commitment to supporting Indigenous young people in their community. Flint also encourages the training and development of Indigenous facilitators to continue the interests and skills development of digital making in their community. Elders are ask to join in on training and workshops

Will IDX continue working with the organisations and communities after the Flint Program?

We see the IDX Flint program as the starting point, it's a chance to help understand the interests of the community and work together to bring together some fantastic ideas. The IDX Team will dedicate time to support the four regional communities through the Flint program, then afterwards we will come together to look at what the next stages are and how we can continue to building the interests and excitement of digital making in the community. 

Does the community get to keep the equipment that IDX brings into the community?

IDX will bring different technologies like robotics kits, 3D printers, invention kits and surface pros in our IDX mobile kit, so that the community can learn how to use them and think about different ways they could be explored in the community. This means that the community can choose which technologies they would like to include in their own digital making kit valued up to $10,000. IDX will help organisations and their partners think about how they can share the equipment in the community and give them the proper training to maintain the equipment. IDX will then design, package and deliver the equipment kit to the community after the workshop. 

Can two or more organisations apply together for the IDX Flint program?

Yes, but one organisation will need to take the lead in the EOI and sign on behalf of the different organisations that are involved in the EOI.

Can an individual apply for the IDX Flint program?

No. An individual can only apply for the IDX Flint program if they have the support of an organisation. 

Why are the complete Terms and Conditions not available?

The IDX Flint program is a tailored process and we realise that each community is different. This means that IDX and the interested organisation(s) need to work together to understand how the program will run in each community and will need to adapt the standard Terms and Conditions, so that it fits for each context. However, you can find the main things that we will be looking at here

How is IDX Flint funded?

The IDX Initiative is a partnership between the Telstra Foundation and the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence which has given the team the opportunity to work with communities in regional Australia for the co-development and co-delivery of workshops and training. Microsoft also recognised the significance of the IDX vision, supporting the IDX Flint program through their Upgrade your World Initiative, so that each community can receive their own digital making kit.