Our Work

We want to cultivate, grow, support and nurture IDX and, through that, create new opportunities and ventures. We will do this through:

IDX Roadmap

Australia's First Peoples are world leaders in embedding our wisdom and knowledge into digital technology to improve the wellbeing of all humanity. 

The Roadmap for building Indigenous Digital Excellence brings together the wisdom and data from three years of consultation, experimentation and learning from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander digital makers, organisations and communities. The information has been captured and distilled by the IDX Initiative to form Australia's first strategy for driving Indigenous digital excellence. 

Find out more about Our IDX Future and download a copy of the roadmap at www.ouridxfuture.net.au

IDX Awards

Australia's first National IDX Awards have been established to help promote and develop the use of digital technology by Indigenous communities, businesses and organisations. The awards seek to showcase the achievements of those working in the technology industry, sharing their stories and successes. We need your help to uncover these stories. Please take the time to nominate as many individuals or organisations as you please.

Find out more or make a nomination at idxawards.org.au.