Our Story

There is no doubt we are living in a time of incredible change. Smartphones, networks, social media and apps are creating a new world that is digital, mobile and global. It is a connected world we live in. A world underpinned by rapid innovation and the adoption of new technologies and ways of working that are challenging and re-inventing how we do business, how we learn, how we connect.

Australia’s First Peoples have been innovating for more than 40,000 years. So what happens when digital is embraced by the world’s oldest living culture? We believe the answer is Indigenous Digital Excellence.

To understand this opportunity, the Telstra Foundation worked with the NCIE to complete research and consultation, and hosted an online conversation and a 2-day Summit in 2013. We engaged more than 1,000 Indigenous people from Redfern to the Torres Strait.

This work built on our collective learnings from creating and hosting the Community of Excellence, a social network that provides a safe space for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to connect in a culturally safe and supported online environment.

What became clear was that IndigenousDX needed a community-led movement, a national voice guided by a co-created strategy, and a purpose-built home.

In response, the Telstra Foundation has committed to an innovative 5 year, $5 million partnership with the NCIE—the IDX Initiative—to strategically explore and drive this opportunity in collaboration with our community.

We can’t wait to see what the digital future holds for all of us.


The Indigenous Digital Excellence (IDX) Initiative is the next step in a long-standing partnership between the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence and Telstra Foundation.

National Centre of Indigenous ExcellenceNational Centre of Indigenous Excellence

The NCIE exists to pursue an excellent Australia. One that is built on the foundation of the more than 40,000 years of innovation, adaptation and the survival of Australia’s first peoples.

Our aim is to liberate possibility and create opportunities for generations of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders by delivering life-changing programs.

The NCIE is leading the national conversation about the legacy of excellence that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have and continue to practise in this country.

More about the NCIE, our vision and impact.

Telstra FoundationTelstra Foundation

The Telstra Foundation believes lives can be changed when great ideas connect with technology. It’s something the Foundation sees everyday. For over a decade, the Foundation has worked with community organisations with appetites for social innovation. The team works with partners to unlock digital potential so that all Australians—regardless of age, income, location, ability—enjoy the social and economic benefits of being connected.

Telstra has been a key supporter of Indigenous Digital Excellence with the NCIE, as the founding partner of the Community of Excellence Indigenous social network and co-creator of the 2013 IDEA Summit. This strong working relationship was amplified in 2013 with the Telstra Foundation’s commitment to work closely with the NCIE to support the development of the IDX Initiative, a partnership that includes a contribution of $5 million over 5 years.

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